Arts Based Methods group – first meeting

The first arts based methods meeting took place in December 2016, with very good attendance. People from MMU Faculty of Education and beyond introduced their interests, and were invited to offer a workshop or event to create a programme of session exploring what arts based methods are, how they work and what they can do.

The workshops can take any form – such as: a practical session where a person shares something of their art-based practice a discussion around an arts-based topic a presentation of e.g. a short film, video, sound scape, visual arts exhibition, as the basis for discussion an invitation to read a chapter or paper beforehand  and discuss it in the workshop a session to organise an event, community festival, an outreach session etc.

The workshops are open to everyone: please encourage colleagues, people from other faculties, and collaborators from other organisations to come along.


Dates and venues for meetings

Given the number of people interested in arts based work, we decided to meet twice a month, at the following times: Monday 4.00-5.00  or if a practical session 4.00-5.30 (so on one Monday each month) Wednesday 3.00 to 4.00 (so one Wednesday each month) The first workshop will be on

Monday 16th Jan. 2017, 4-5.30pm, led by Anat Greenstein. The session is called Toolbox for Change and we will be using objects and art to consider how we might want to change higher education.


Dates of workshops and available slots this year:


Mon Jan 16th 4-5:30 Toolbox for Change, Anat Greenstein
Weds 1st Feb ?Rajesh Patel tbc
Weds 15th Feb 3-4pm Harriet Rowley, session linked to work with The Men’s Room, Partispace project
Mon 6th March 4pm Janet Batsleer, Black History walk / Community Learning Festival
Weds 22nd March 3pm Laura Trafi Prats, Drawing as inquiry: Considering the role of enabling constraints and controlled ambiguity in conceptual and processual invention
Mon 3rd April 4pm Geoff Bright with Otto Wilburg – Deep Listening
Easter Break
Weds 3rd May 3pm Mark Wright, artist in residency
Mon 15th May 4pm Available slot
Weds 7th June 3pm Available slot
Mon 19th June 4pm Available slot


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