Next seminar: Starting where we are: Academia made Public: walking and talking, uncovering and connecting knowledges.

Our next session will be Monday 6th March 4pm, meet at the bottom of the Spanish Steps, Brooks Building

Dominique Tessier with Janet Batsleer

Dominique is a local historian who has developed much knowledge and insight through her engagement with a political understanding of the archive. In conversation we have explored the possible links between academia and a wide other set of knowledges and wondered about what is really hidden or not, what can be seen and what cannot be seen. Last year for the Community Learning Festival Dominique devised a walk around the area starting from Birley and this will form the basis for the session.  Starting from conversations on the steps, we suggest the University as a space for rethinking the world.  We can walk out of the building if it is fine and think and talk together about how a particular community defined its experience and knowledge in relation to University, and what platforms need to be created and what political knowledges need to be sustained, and how  arts-based practices might contribute to this.

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