Next seminar: Drawing as inquiry. Considering the role of enabling constraints and controlled ambiguity in conceptual and processual invention

Laura Trafi-Prats

Weds 22nd March 3-4pm

This session will address some ideas shaping an incipient and ongoing project where young people and I engage in artmaking projects that explore and stretch personal and collective forms of expression. Following scholarship in art pedagogy (e.g. Gude, 2009; Vecchi, 2010) and philosophy (Guattari, 1995; Manning, 2007), I define expression as a flexible, and infinite combination of matter-form-content. Expression is composed by bodies engaged in making and worlding processes. Expression carries the possibility to be atypical, and to stretch sense beyond conventionality by weaving “surfaces that connect intervals between worlds” (Manning, 2007, p. 113). As researcher and facilitator in the aforementioned project, one of my leading interests in this research is how to create what Manning (2008) calls enabling constraints, or active parameters that carve the possibility for artmaking to become eventful, and to move us outside habituation, adopted clichés, and into new modalities of being in the world.


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