Next session 3rd April: Deep Listening

“Walk so the bottoms of your feet become ears” Listening Deeper: a workshop led by Geoff Bright and Otto Willburg

3rd April 4-5:30pm Room 2.51

Deep Listening is a process created by the much celebrated but sadly recently deceased US feminist musician Pauline Oliveros, winner of the 2012 John Cage Award. Intended to heighten awareness of sound, silence and sounding beyond ordinary perceptions, Oliveros engaged participants in an immersive experience through energy exercises, listening meditation, journaling on listening, improvisation and performance of Sonic Meditations and Deep Listening Pieces.

Experimental musicians, Geoff Bright (vocals and sax) and Otto Willburg (double bass) will lead this workshop inspired by Oliveros’s approach. Expect to be involved in a low level Tai Chi type warm up, sitting and lying down breathing and toning meditations, and extreme slow walking. No musical training or experience required. Just bring ears, voice and breath. Oh, and comfy clothes too, please.

Catch Pauline’s Guardian obituary at

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