Next seminar 3rd May: Unsound Walking

 Unsound Walking. A workshop with Mark Wright, artist in residence. 

Weds 3rd May 3-4:30pm.

Listening is an act of community, which takes space, time and silence.

(Ursula K. Le Guin, 2016)

This unsound walk[1] is a collective experiment in precarity and support through methods of resonance, extension, performance and imaginary listening: emphasizing non-verbal communication amongst the entanglements of bodies, spaces and extra-human things.

Walking a pre-planned route whilst enacting a variety of critical and imaginative prompts, participants will attempt to build and dismantle a tentacular body of listening, one that endevours to perform a listening in and out of the human and nonhuman, mechanical and organic, architecture and environment.

The event is part of a Mark Peter Wright’s Leverhulme Artist in Residence with principle investigator Dr. Michael Gallagher at MMU. For more information on the residency please follow the link:


[1] “Unsound” is used in relational to Christof Migone’s use of the word and its emphasis on affective, body-based and irrational modes of sounding and listening.


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