Thinking through art

“Method is a cut that stills” Erin Manning

 Christina MacRae led this session on historical understandings of perspective within drawing to think about research methodologies. Brunelleschi’s development of methods for translating a three dimensional world into two dimensional drawing, and Alberti’s work on systemising approaches to drawing perspective through ‘best method’ were used to help us think about the link between seeing the world and representing the world.

In particular, ‘best method’ for drawing perspective indexes notions such as fixidity, following procedure and framing / creating distance that are relevant for current debates on post-qualitative research methods.

This provocation led our group to rich discussions about the major and minor gesture within research methods, traditionally accepted notions of what art is and what research is, and possibilities for disrupting the major by drawing greater attention to the singularity of a moment or a gesture, through arts based research.

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