Next session: Worlding and unworlding in early childhood research practices: Tuesday 12th Feb 12-1:30pm

Worlding and unworlding in early childhood research practices

Camilla Eline Andersen (Norway Inland University College of Applied Sciences) & Ann Merete Otterstad (Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway)

Tuesday 12th Feb 12-1:30

Room 3.89, Brooks Building

Everyone welcome, just turn up.


For some years we have both, with/in a Norwegian ECEC location, explored what it is to work critically from ontologies where a real is emergent and mobile, and where it is singularities that ‘throw worlds into form’ (Stewart, 2014, p. 122). Further, inspired by Palmer and Hunter (2018), we have worked from the premise that ‘immediate encounters connect to and intersect with the wider world’. Hence, singularities and micro-events matters in critical social-material research and socially just pedagogies. Process ontologies challenge our habitual thinking on how to do critical scholarship in early childhood, however we suggest these also give way for different worlding research practices generative of more live-able worlds. In our research we have in various ways experimented to fasten or slow down encounters that attends to us in ways that perhaps cannot be explained, but that insists on being treated and acknowledged as political openings to ‘what else’ to come (Manning, 2016). In this workshop examples from our earlier and ongoing work is shared as triggers for further thinkings and doings concerning what kind of questions and stutterings working critically from a posthuman thinking can be creative of.



Camilla Eline Andersen works as an associate professor at Inland Norway University of Applied Science where she teaches and researches. Now she teaches mostly educational theories, early childhood pedagogy, theories of science, and research methodologies. Her research and publications draw mainly on feminist, critical, and post-foundational theories. In her later writings, she has particularly worked with professionalism and race in early childhood from a Deleuzian and feminist new materialist perspective.

Ann Merete Otterstad is docent/professor in early childhood pedagogy and cultural diversity at Oslo Metropolitan University, Institute of Early Childhood, Norway. Her concern is post-methodology, experimenting in/withpost-human and affective theories in early childhood research, and challenging what and when data are working.


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