Next session: Taking a leap of faith to co-produce knowledge using participatory arts-based methods, Tuesday 5th March, 4-5:30pm

Taking a leap of faith to co-produce knowledge using participatory arts-based methods

Harriet Rowley, MMU and Rachel Massey, Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Tuesday 5th March, 4-5:30pm

Room G.17, Brooks Building


Leap of Faith was a six-month co-produced social engagement project at Yorkshire Sculpture Park in 2018. In this session, Harriet Rowley (Researcher, MMU) and Rachel Massey (Arts and Well-being Programmer, YSP) will reflect on how women from diverse backgrounds took a Leap of Faith to explore how interactions between women, horses and creative expression can benefit well-being and creativity.

The team consisted of artists, therapists, researchers and women from Kirklees and Ashiana Women Centres. The starting point came from Katrina Palmer’s The Coffin Jump (YSP, 2018), a major commission from 14-18 NOW, the UK’s arts programme for the First World War centenary. The artwork commemorates the role of the First Aid Nursing Yeomanry who cared for soldiers injured on the battlefield. Inherent in Katrina’s work are themes of risk, recognition and materiality but also change, possibility and hope.

During the presentation, we aim to trace the opportunities these themes afforded but also the tensions, which emerged as we attempted to co-produce knowledge. We will detail our experiences of horse-assisted development (mindfulness with horses); to explore how this influenced our relationships with ourselves and others, and the artwork we created. We will also consider how engaging in participatory art workshops facilitated by the artist, Kate Genever, who bases her practice on the power of care, impacted the learning process and outcomes that emerged.

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