Next session: Tues 21st May, 12-1:30,The Odd Lab: an emergent space for feeling different

Next session: The Odd Lab

Jo Ray and Rachel Holmes

Tues 21st May 12-1:30pm

Room G17, Brooks Building


Odd: Feeling Different in the world of Education engages with young people’s perceptions of difference, strangeness and unfamiliarity in different spaces, times and experiences and asks how this sense of strangeness affects their lives in ways that can be exciting, scary, curious, exhilarating, or threatening.

The Odd lab aims to draw out new insights by bringing together participants in exploratory processes that have focused on heightening or extending the exploration of data, aspects of researchers methodologies, or collaborations between participants.

The first lab encouraged an ‘aeration’ of research data and materials through arts processes. Karen Barad, writing of diffraction, notes: “we might imagine re-turning as a multiplicity of processes, such as the kinds earthworms revel in while helping to make compost or otherwise being busy at work and at play: turning the soil over and over – ingesting and excreting it, tunneling through it, burrowing, all means of aerating the soil, allowing oxygen in, opening it up and breathing new life into it” (2014: 168).

In this session Jo and Rachel will share some of the practice based approaches that have been tested through the Odd lab and will discuss how it has evolved.

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