Next session: Tuesday 4th June, 4-5:30pm, Walking to the Laundromat

Walking to the Laundromat @ Band Box Laundry, 72 Hathersage Rd, Manchester M13 0FN

4th June at 4pm. Meet at the bottom of the Spanish steps in Brooks Building.

Facilitated by David Shannon


Concept and narrative by Rebecca Conroy
Sound design by Dan McHugh

Image credit Ryan McGuire


Originally commissioned by WalkingLab (and reproduced here by permission of the artist and WalkingLab), Walking to the Laundromat is an audio walk that playfully combines different sounds of neoliberalism—including mindfulness, self-help guides, and a 1950s-style laundry advertisement—with doing the laundry, in order to explore the disposability of some bodies as part of ordinary neoliberal economic practices.

Please bring a device (e.g. a phone that can access the internet) and a set of earphones so that you can listen to the binaural audio file (ideally, you should also install the SoundCloud app). And don’t forget your laundry and some coins!


Things to know

If you would like to participate, but are struggling to access a suitable phone / headphones, get in touch with Abi Hackett and we will find a solution.

This session involves a walk outside, so please bring appropriate clothing etc.


Participants may also be interested in the following paper, which experiments further with the walk:

Springgay, S., & Truman, S. E. (2017). A Transmaterial Approach to Walking Methodologies: Embodiment, Affect, and a Sonic Art Performance. Body and Society. 23(4), pp. 27-58.



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