Programme for first half of 2017 now complete

Mon Jan 16th 4-5:30 Toolbox for Change

Anat Greenstein

Weds 1st Feb 3-4pm  “I”-ing the Data – Unearthing the unconscious through poetry

Rajesh Patel

Weds 15th Feb 3-4pm Lost and Found: Ethnographic Researcher and Arts Practitioners getting lost and coming home but where to now?

Harriet Rowley

Mon 6th March 4pm Starting where we are: Academia made Public: walking and talking, uncovering and connecting knowledges

Dominique Tessier with Janet Batsleer

Weds 22nd March 3pm Drawing as inquiry: Considering the role of enabling constraints and controlled ambiguity in conceptual and processual invention

Laura Trafi Prats

Mon 3rd April 4pm Deep Listening

Geoff Bright with Otto Wilburg

Easter Break
Weds 3rd May 3pm Listening in and out of more-than-human worlds

Mark Peter Wright, artist in residency

Mon 15th May 4pm Thinking through art: putting methods into perspective

Christina Macrae

Weds 7th June 3pm Michael Gallagher
Mon 19th June 4pm Women, affect and comedy

Natalie Diddams

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